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Portal 2 Rat Dens

Posted on 04 November, 2017 by Federica
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nutreaunnino.com -Portal 2 Rat Dens This is a video walkthrough for finding all 6 of the Rat Man Den locations in Portal 2. These are secret rooms filled with strange markings on the wall as well as weird music playing in the

1. Rat Man's Ultimate Den

Rat Man's Ultimate Den  DownloadSource: www.youtube.com

Portal 2 Rat Dens to find the rat man dens. Learn how to find all the rat man dens in Portal 2, as well as find some achievements along the way. One reason why you should watch this is because for the final one, there is a super secret

Fandom powered by wikia. The second Ratman den, near Test Chamber 17. Although unseen for the entirety of Portal, Rattmann is made aware to Chell through his "Ratman dens", where each time he appears to have been living for a while (sleeping on unfolded Aperture Science boxes, eating beans and drinking milk and water along with 4 stolen detached cameras), and where his

Portal 2 all of ratmans den locations. Where to find all of his hideouts..for science.

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