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Apple Touch Icon 152x152

Posted on 04 August, 2017 by Simone
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nutreaunnino.com -Apple Touch Icon 152x152 ... I noticed lots of requests for apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png and apple-touch-icon.png in the logs that tried to load the images from the root directory of the site. I first thought it was a misconfiguration of the mobile theme and plugin, but found out later that Apple devices make those requests if the device owner adds the site to it.

1. How To Add Custom Icons For Safari Browser On Ios Devices

How To Add Custom Icons For Safari Browser On Ios Devices  DownloadSource: support.motocms.com

Apple Touch Icon 152x152 good, the bad and the ugly. Warning: With the release of iOS 8, the recommended size is now 180×180. It was 152×152 when this article was published (updated 2014/12/26). Whatever you use an iOS or Android device, the Apple touch icon appears as soon as you bookmark a web site or add it to your home screen.

Configuring web applications. To specify an icon for the entire website (every page on the website), place an icon file in PNG format in the root document folder called apple-touch-icon.png To specify an icon for a single webpage or replace the website icon with a webpage-specific icon, add a link element to the webpage, as in:

Apple touch icon for websites. Minimalist solution - Recommended. A common practice is to create a single 180x180 icon, which is the highest expected resolution, and let the iOS devices scale it down as needed.

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