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Car Engine Types Explained

Posted on 07 May, 2018 by Michele
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nutreaunnino.com -Car Engine Types Explained Car engine types explained. If you’ve been browsing our comprehensive reviews, you might have come across terms like ‘four-cylinder’, ‘V8’ or ‘straight-six’. You might know it’s something to do with the engine, but what does it mean exactly, and what difference do different ones make? We explain all in this hand guide.

1. Everything You Wanted To Know

Everything You Wanted To Know  DownloadSource: carfromjapan.com

17 different car engine types. 17 Different Car Engine Types Explained . For some of us superior power is must have for an engine while for others fuel efficiency is mandatory. To satisfy this need of their customers, car manufacturers, engineers and designers have devised many different car engine types over the period of several years.

Car engine types explained. nutreaunnino.com-Car Engine Types Explained Today, we are going to explain each type of car engine out there to increase your knowledge about engines.

Common car specifications explained. Common Car Specifications Explained: A Guide To Car Facts & Figures. Engines commonly see three types - petrol (runs on gasoline), diesel (powered by diesel), electric (powered by batteries) and hybrid (using a combination of a fuel-driven engine and an electric one). Vroom vroom is the sound a big engine makes.

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